Maureen O’Hara

by admin on 12/31/2013

Maurren O'Hara

Growing up in Ireland in the 1920s, Maureen FitzSimmons was raised in a religious Catholic environment. Most of her siblings attended religious training, and her family did not approve of her theatrical ambitions. Her father insisted she learn some sort of business skill, so she learned bookkeeping and typing.

Maureen O'Hara

Maureen’s film career wasn’t too slow taking off. After she finished training, she went to a screen test where she was noticed by actor Charles Laughton. Her first major role, now as Maureen O’Hara, was at age 19 in the 1939 Alfred Hitchcock film “Jamaica Inn”.

Maurren O'Hara

Once World War II broke out, there would be no more filming in England, so O’Hara ended up working for RKO in the states in low-budget films. This didn’t last, however, and by 1941 she was in the award-winning “How Green Was My Valley.”

Maurren O'Hara

Arguably, her most famous role came just after the war in 1947, with “Miracle on 34th Street” The movie has become a beloved family classic and receives lots of airtime each year.

Maurren O'Hara

She made five films with John Wayne from 1948 until 1972. She remained close to Wayne, saying years later in 2013, “I was tough. I was tall. I was strong. I didn’t take any nonsense from anybody. He was tough, he was tall, he was strong and he didn’t take any nonsense from anybody. As a man and a human being, I adored him.”

Maureen O'Hara

Maurren O'Hara

Maurren O'Hara

Maurren O'Hara

Maureen O'Hara

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Eva Green

by admin on 07/28/2012

Eva Green

Eva Green, her sister and her parents sometime during her teenage years

It's always interesting to see early pictures from movie stars

Eva Gaëlle Green was born in 1980 in Paris France, the daughter of a Swedish dentist and an Algerian(French) actress. She has a non-identical twin sister, Joy Green. She was a shy and sensitive child, and her mother was initially worried when she expressed an interest in acting that the theater would be too rough on her.

A young Eva Green poses in an off-the-shoulder shirt

A natural blonde, Eva has dyed her hair brunette since she was 15

She spent a year at the American University in Paris, where all the courses are taught in English, so from an early age she understood the language. Although raised without any religion in the house, she developed an interest in Egyptology while in school. Her classmates probably didn’t remember her as anything but slightly precocious. She had an odd detached view of them.

“[When people would flirt] I felt as if they were playing at being couples, playing at being in love. I wanted the real thing. I was maybe a bit pretentious.”

Eva Green Looking Perky with a pony tail

A little more serious than her years, Green worked hard at acting

In 1994, at 14, she decided she wanted to be an actress. From 1997-2000, she studied at the St. Paul Drama School in Paris, then 10 more weeks at the Weber Douglas Academy of dramatic Art in London. She studied directing. She studied in New York. After spending time abroad, she returned to Paris an accomplished young actress. She appeared in several French plays.

“I always picked the really evil roles. It’s a great way to deal with your everyday emotions.”

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Aileen Tan

by admin on 07/10/2012

Aileen Tan

Part of the hobby of running this site is curating and posting pictures of famous women, but it’s also part scavenger hunt.

Take, for instance, a picture I had on my hard drive from years ago. It was titled “Female Nerds – Oyuki”

A picture of Aileen Tan, a long-haired brunette, in a blue dress sitting at a bar

Oyuki? What does that mean and where did this picture come from?

She seemed like quite an attractive young lady, at least from this one picture, and the nerd-glamour angle interested me. So I searched around on the internet for a while and didn’t come up with much.

After struggling with whether to even use this image or not because of not knowing much about it, I decided it was time to use my secret weapon, J.

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Rita Hayworth

by admin on 06/19/2012

Hollywood Movie Star
From The 1940s Rita Hayworth

early picture of Rita Hayworth in a bathing suit

Rita Hayworth was born in 1918 as Margarita Carmen Cansino. Both of her parents were dancers and came from Spain. Her father wanted her to be a dancer; her mother wanted her to be an actress. When she was nine her family moved to Hollywood. Her dad realized that with movies becoming the big thing that there would be a lot of need for dancers. He opened his own dance studio and began training aspiring actors and actresses.

The picture above is one of the earliest we have of a young Margarita Cansino (Rita Hayworth) by the pool.

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Kim Joon

by admin on 04/25/2012

Korean Artist Kim Joon

Kim Joon's work called Duet Incanto

Wow, what a blue! And check how the shapes of the colors work both across the layers and also on each model

It seems strange authoring a post on a female beauty blog about a man, but Kim Joon does wonderful things with the female form.

Born in 1966 in Korea, Joon only has been painting commercially for the last 15 years or so. His website doesn’t have a bio, and he’s not listed in Wikipedia, so there’s not a lot to know about his life. But his works? They say a lot.

Another picture of Kim Joon's titled Golden Hour Meissen of a female model textured like gold-inlaid china and then put into pieces

Joon's more recent work has him disassembling his models. Not crazy about it, but still there's wonderful detail here

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Christina Hendricks

by admin on 04/10/2012

Mad Men star Christina Hendricks

A picture of the head and face of Christina Hendricks, with long, slightly curly red hair and blue eyes

Model and television celebrity Christina Hendricks is wonderfully photogenic

Christina Hendricks is the model and actress on television that most women think is sexy. She has a wonderfully honest figure, an engaging smile, and a natural photogenic presence. I’ve never seen her on TV, but from these pictures it’s obvious that she deserves a spot on our site.

In my opinion, the top picture is a bit over-produced, but it still makes for a better lead to this article than the others. The contrast is high, the colors pumped, and the skin smoothed. They say acting comes from the eyes, and whether through training or genes, she’s able to make her eyes work for her. With all of my complaining, overall it’s an exceptional head shot.

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The Siesta

by admin on 03/28/2012

Frederick Arthur Bridgman’s “The Siesta”

The Siesta, by Frederick Arthur Bridgman. A picture of a young lady reclining on a couch, covered in flowing robes, window open in the background, taking a midday nap

A simply magnificent painting of a young lady's siesta

Biography of the Artist

Born in the southern United States in 1847, Frederick Arthur Bridgman spent most of his professional career in Europe and nothern Africa, which he loved. During his many trips to Africa he gathered all sorts of trinkets: masks, staves, robes, and other accouterments. He used these in many of his paintings, and his Parisian studio was so full of the stuff that some joked that it was on a must-see list for tourists.

Although he was admired on the continent, he was loved back home, and his tours were a great success. He remains popular to this today. Recent paintings have sold in the 300-500K range.

Story of how The Siesta was made

Couldn’t find anything for this — would love to come back and fill in this area. If you know the story, please let us know!

Other works by Bridgman (“The Siesta” painter)

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Danna Thomas

by admin on 03/15/2012

(Top two photographs are by Paige Stevens Photography)

A publicity photo of Danna Thomas, Miss Virginia Dogwood 2010

Danna Thomas has a natural talent for the Public Relations shot.

Finding the Danna Thomas Portrait

A year or two ago I was surfing the internet looking for pictures of pretty girls to use for stock shots on information domains. (Research shows consumers of digital content are happier and have a better experience with images of attractive but non-threatening females — this holds true for males and females alike.) As it turns out, finding a good, public-domain image of a cute girl is not an exactly easy thing to do — which is one of the reasons I started this site.

Along the way, I must have browsed several hundred images from beauty pageants. Ms. Thomas’s portrait stood out from the crowd, so I dowloaded it along with a few others. I believe she has made the pageant rounds, eventually winning the title of Miss Virginia Dogwood in 2010. Not sure of what other titles she may have won.

I never used the image, however, and now that I have this site it seems like a great place to put it to good use.

Another portrait of Danna Thomas

These kinds of shots are a dime-a-dozen on the net. Very difficult to stand out in the crowd.

Gathering a few more more images of Danna Thomas

Before I posted today I spent a few minutes locating some other Danna Thomas shots. I don’t think the others are as good, but tastes vary.

A picture from Thomas' UVA days showing her holding a saxophone

Here's more of a candid (though staged) shot from Thomas's time at UVA

Danna Thomas Today

As far as I know, Ms. Thomas has graduated college and is busy getting on with a “real” life. Best of luck to her for the future. I think she could have a career in public relations if she wanted it. Godspeed, Danna Thomas!


Beach Silhouette

by admin on 03/8/2012
A picture of the actress Adrianne Curry nude and in a beach silhouette setting

Adrianne Curry is probably best known for wearing such provocative costumes she got thrown out of a con, but her photographer manages to pull off a nice beach silhouette here

Good beach silhouettes are not so easy to put together

The trick is balancing the light just right without pushing the contrast so hard you make it into a cartoon. The infinity pool helps a lot here. If you were shooting against the sand, you’d have a lot of midtones to deal with.


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Marilyn Monroe Playboy Classic Nude

by admin on 03/7/2012
It's the Marilyn Monroe Playboy Classic Nude shot, a sitting posture, laying on her side, breasts visible, right arm lifted and head resting on right arm

The Marilyn Monroe Playboy classic nude shot is found on a zillion websites all over the web, and in all kinds of formats. For good reason. It's a great shot.

The Marilyn Monroe Playboy Classic

This is the picture that launched the innagural issue of Playboy magazine in December, 1953. Monroe, a little-known starlet who was just getting started in 1949 (when the shot was taken) was on both the cover and the interior. At the time, Marilyn was desperate for money, a situation which changed very quickly! A classic, this image and its derivatives are found on tens of thousands of websites. Most recently this shoot and the later Monroe shoot was copied by Playboy using Lindsay Lohan as the model.

Interested in this Marilyn Monroe Playboy Classic Nude?

Here are a few more links for you to check out:

The First of our Celebrity Pictures: The Marilyn Monroe Playboy Classic Nude

Hopefully they’ll all be as tasteful and classic, but unfortunately many times when the word “celebrity” is used, the images are neither classy nor tasteful. We can only hope. Something to keep in mind was that at the time this photo was published, it was more terrible and awful than anything we see online today. Times change.

If you liked this picture we’ve titled “Marilyn Monroe Playboy Classic Nude”, take a look around — you’re sure to find more stuff you like!

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