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Eva Green


Eva Green

Eva Green, her sister and her parents sometime during her teenage years

It's always interesting to see early pictures from movie stars

Eva Gaëlle Green was born in 1980 in Paris France, the daughter of a Swedish dentist and an Algerian(French) actress. She has a non-identical twin sister, Joy Green. She was a shy and sensitive child, and her mother was initially worried when she expressed an interest in acting that the theater would be too rough on her.

A young Eva Green poses in an off-the-shoulder shirt

A natural blonde, Eva has dyed her hair brunette since she was 15

She spent a year at the American University in Paris, where all the courses are taught in English, so from an early age she understood the language. Although raised without any religion in the house, she developed an interest in Egyptology while in school. Her classmates probably didn’t remember her as anything but slightly precocious. She had an odd detached view of them.

“[When people would flirt] I felt as if they were playing at being couples, playing at being in love. I wanted the real thing. I was maybe a bit pretentious.”

Eva Green Looking Perky with a pony tail

A little more serious than her years, Green worked hard at acting

In 1994, at 14, she decided she wanted to be an actress. From 1997-2000, she studied at the St. Paul Drama School in Paris, then 10 more weeks at the Weber Douglas Academy of dramatic Art in London. She studied directing. She studied in New York. After spending time abroad, she returned to Paris an accomplished young actress. She appeared in several French plays.

“I always picked the really evil roles. It’s a great way to deal with your everyday emotions.”

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Aileen Tan


Aileen Tan

Part of the hobby of running this site is curating and posting pictures of famous women, but it’s also part scavenger hunt.

Take, for instance, a picture I had on my hard drive from years ago. It was titled “Female Nerds – Oyuki”

A picture of Aileen Tan, a long-haired brunette, in a blue dress sitting at a bar

Oyuki? What does that mean and where did this picture come from?

She seemed like quite an attractive young lady, at least from this one picture, and the nerd-glamour angle interested me. So I searched around on the internet for a while and didn’t come up with much.

After struggling with whether to even use this image or not because of not knowing much about it, I decided it was time to use my secret weapon, J.

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