Aileen Tan

by admin on 07/10/2012

Aileen Tan

Part of the hobby of running this site is curating and posting pictures of famous women, but it’s also part scavenger hunt.

Take, for instance, a picture I had on my hard drive from years ago. It was titled “Female Nerds – Oyuki”

A picture of Aileen Tan, a long-haired brunette, in a blue dress sitting at a bar

Oyuki? What does that mean and where did this picture come from?

She seemed like quite an attractive young lady, at least from this one picture, and the nerd-glamour angle interested me. So I searched around on the internet for a while and didn’t come up with much.

After struggling with whether to even use this image or not because of not knowing much about it, I decided it was time to use my secret weapon, J.

Aileen Tan

J is retired and used to track down images for law enforcement in criminal cases. As you can imagine, most of his work was unpleasant, but he and I have struck up a dialog on the internet, and he seemed interested in having an oddball image search to do every now and then. So I sent him over the picture.

Within a day or two, he emailed me back with the name of the girl, Aileen Tan, the city she lived in, her biography, more pictures of her — even her shoe size! Along with this was a long explanation about how each piece of information was found.

Completely amazing. I told him the story of finding all of this was probably more interesting than some of the images themselves. Then I gave him an even harder picture to track down (grin). We’ll see how he does.

portrait of Aileen Tan

Model Aileen Tan

Aileen has had some experience in modeling, hence J being able to find out so much information. Oddly enough for a model, there wasn’t a huge amount of pictures to work with, but some were interesting.

Model Aileen Tan in some kind of green smoke lace nature shot

A little over-produced for me, but I like the lace, smoke, and lighting effects

I’m a sucker for well-done body painting as I think it combines both the female form with the art of painting, creating something better than each would be on their own, so it was nice to see she had a couple of body painting images online also.

Aileen Tan in a flower-puzzle-pieces body painting motif

Nice combination of flowers and puzzles, although I'm not crazy about this shot

Like the motif, like the lighting, but whatever they did with her eyes was terrible. To me it ruined an otherwise acceptable shot.

closer shot of Aileen Tan in body paint, this time in a sitting self-reflective pose

A much more classic pose

So how did Aileen end up captioned “Oyuki” and “nerd” on my computer? Turns out there was either a story or a picture collection somewhere of cute nerds. The seated blue dress shot was part of that. Being a pack-rat, I grabbed the image and it sat on my drive for a long time thereafter. As I understand it, Aileen was not only a model, but she enjoyed online gaming and other perhaps nerdy pursuits.

Since these shots she’s gotten married and moved on. I have no idea if she still does modeling or not. J had all sorts of other information, like pictures from her wedding and her new last name, but since I don’t know how much of a public figure she remains, I don’t feel it’s appropriate to post that here. Wherever she is and whatever she is involved with, I wish Aileen Tan the best of luck in the future!

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