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Korean Artist Kim Joon

Kim Joon's work called Duet Incanto

Wow, what a blue! And check how the shapes of the colors work both across the layers and also on each model

It seems strange authoring a post on a female beauty blog about a man, but Kim Joon does wonderful things with the female form.

Born in 1966 in Korea, Joon only has been painting commercially for the last 15 years or so. His website doesn’t have a bio, and he’s not listed in Wikipedia, so there’s not a lot to know about his life. But his works? They say a lot.

Another picture of Kim Joon's titled Golden Hour Meissen of a female model textured like gold-inlaid china and then put into pieces

Joon's more recent work has him disassembling his models. Not crazy about it, but still there's wonderful detail here

To say Joon is a body painter is like saying George Gershwin wrote jingles. Kim Joon is a painter first. His medium is the human form. What he creates isn’t an image transposed onto a body, it’s much more. It’s a blend of textures, shapes, and colors that exist in multiple layers at the same time.

Picture We Adidas is several female forms standing around from the stomach down painted in the red and white colors of the Adidas company

Kim Joon had a spell where he used corporate colors and logos and blended them with his models

I hate to wax on with a lot of artistic BS, but I think there’s something deep here. Human beauty is a fleeting thing. The beautiful young lady quickly blossoms into the middle-aged mother. While there’s beauty at each stage of life, whatever you have isn’t going to stay around — it’s always changing. And so it strikes me as quite incredible that Joon takes all the time he does to set up these pictures — it must be days or weeks for some — only to have them look the way they do for the briefest instant, and then be gone. This isn’t about painting one model, this is about creating a very temporary spectacle using models that’s gone almost as soon as the picture is shot. Just like beauty in the real world.

Another duet picture from the back with a woman sitting on a man's lap, Duet Hineken has both models colored just like a hineken beer can

Here's a heineken image from Joon. Notice how "sexy" many corporate colors look when placed against caucasian skin tone

When looking at these corporate images he does, I’m not sure if he’s laughing at us, making his own artistic point regardless of politics, or just making a buck. Maybe all three. Who knows? I sense there’s a bit of laughter involved, though.

Kim Joon's picture We Starbucks is three female models nude, shown from the stomach down, painted with the coffee house starbucks logo and colors

Another standing around image, this time with Starbucks. I love how he adjusts the amount of paint to use based on both the shape of the models and the nature of the logo

If you have time, you should definitely check out his website, linked above. There’s hundreds of great pictures from several years of his work. These are only the top seven or so that caught my eye. I found it interesting that each year he picked a theme — corporate logos, blended body shapes, humans as pieces — and expounded on it. It was very difficult narrowing down some images to share!

Another duet picture with the woman sitting on the man's lap, Duet Audrey Hepburn has images from all her movies on the back wall and on the models

Only Joon can do Audrey Hepburn like this and get away with it. I love the fuzzy texture this image has.

Why Audrey Hepburn? Why are the male model’s hands floating over the female and not touching her? Why choose the sample images he chose? If I ever get to meet him, I have a lot of questions to ask.

Kim Joon's Blue Fish is a single model nude shot from the thighs to the neck, with a cobalt blue pattern all over her

I realize I'm a sucker for blue, but Joon does this thing with texture where he uses striations, moire patterns, and patching to make the models almost "touchable" -- it adds a huge realism factor

Love the scaly texture here. On the Hineken image, check out the droplets of water on the model’s back (try to ignore the jpeg effects). With the golden hour image, you can almost feel the gold inlay along the background. He has a tremendous ability to make an image pop out. Even though this blog is about the females, Kim Joon definitely deserves a place of honor with his ability to take several things that might seem mundane on their own and make them into a new, quite spectacular work of art.

Bird Land Donald Duck is a picture of multiple nude female models with no faces or anything below the knee showing. All the models. The models are painted in a canary yellow and black with little images of Donald Duck on their hands

In "bird land donald duck", the eye keeps jumping between trying to pull out the human female form and seeing what the artist is doing with the paints, a common theme with Joon. Very cool effect.

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