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Aileen Tan


Aileen Tan

Part of the hobby of running this site is curating and posting pictures of famous women, but it’s also part scavenger hunt.

Take, for instance, a picture I had on my hard drive from years ago. It was titled “Female Nerds – Oyuki”

A picture of Aileen Tan, a long-haired brunette, in a blue dress sitting at a bar

Oyuki? What does that mean and where did this picture come from?

She seemed like quite an attractive young lady, at least from this one picture, and the nerd-glamour angle interested me. So I searched around on the internet for a while and didn’t come up with much.

After struggling with whether to even use this image or not because of not knowing much about it, I decided it was time to use my secret weapon, J.

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Kim Joon


Korean Artist Kim Joon

Kim Joon's work called Duet Incanto

Wow, what a blue! And check how the shapes of the colors work both across the layers and also on each model

It seems strange authoring a post on a female beauty blog about a man, but Kim Joon does wonderful things with the female form.

Born in 1966 in Korea, Joon only has been painting commercially for the last 15 years or so. His website doesn’t have a bio, and he’s not listed in Wikipedia, so there’s not a lot to know about his life. But his works? They say a lot.

Another picture of Kim Joon's titled Golden Hour Meissen of a female model textured like gold-inlaid china and then put into pieces

Joon's more recent work has him disassembling his models. Not crazy about it, but still there's wonderful detail here

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Welcome to Body Painting

Cute girl welcomes you to body painting

Body painting is a cool art


We hope to not only have artistic and tasteful female body paining on the site, but also supplies and reviews of materials and artists.

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