Christina Hendricks

by admin on 04/10/2012

Mad Men star Christina Hendricks

A picture of the head and face of Christina Hendricks, with long, slightly curly red hair and blue eyes

Model and television celebrity Christina Hendricks is wonderfully photogenic

Christina Hendricks is the model and actress on television that most women think is sexy. She has a wonderfully honest figure, an engaging smile, and a natural photogenic presence. I’ve never seen her on TV, but from these pictures it’s obvious that she deserves a spot on our site.

In my opinion, the top picture is a bit over-produced, but it still makes for a better lead to this article than the others. The contrast is high, the colors pumped, and the skin smoothed. They say acting comes from the eyes, and whether through training or genes, she’s able to make her eyes work for her. With all of my complaining, overall it’s an exceptional head shot.

Christina Hendricks (Continued)

Model and celebrity Christina Hendricks wearing lingerie in a much more unpolished shot

A much more informal shot of Christina in lingerie, and one I frankly like a lot better

This one is more professionally put-together than it’s made out to be, but I think it’s the best of the bunch: a full-body standing shot posed as if it were taken on her way out to go somewhere. Hendricks is a natural blonde, but her decision to stay professionally with being a redhead was obviously a great one. I don’t think these images would have worked as well with a different hair color (although I can’t explain why, just a feeling)

Christina Hendricks wearing a strapless top showing off her chest

Known for her curves and ample chest, Hendricks is one of the few "normal-shaped" models left. The ones that don't look like lollipops.

If you’re an actress known for your bosom, you’d better have a few good cleavage shots in your portfolio. Notice the wonderful return of skin texture here. Still quite a bit of smoothing, but allowing some of the “real” Hendricks to come through starts giving this picture some authenticity. If you ask me, she could have ditched the makeup entirely and just kept a bit of the soft focus in and this would have worked even better.

Another picture of Christina Hendricks in lingerie, this time wearing hair extensions and in a more professional setting

Consistently voted most sexy by other women, Christina Hendricks is eminently pose-able

I’m not crazy about the hair extensions, but I see what they’re doing here and this is just a gorgeous shot. A lot of people would kill for a great portrait shot like this one.

A self-portrait taken by Hendricks from her phone

As much as I like composition and lighting, the sign of beauty that can last a while is the informal shot. Doesn't get much more informal than something from your cell phone

I also like this shot a lot. I think this is the one that made me decide to put Hendricks on the site. Wonderful informal pose and natural beauty. Christina Hendricks is definitely a stunning lady.

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