Eva Green

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Eva Green

Eva Green, her sister and her parents sometime during her teenage years

It's always interesting to see early pictures from movie stars

Eva Gaëlle Green was born in 1980 in Paris France, the daughter of a Swedish dentist and an Algerian(French) actress. She has a non-identical twin sister, Joy Green. She was a shy and sensitive child, and her mother was initially worried when she expressed an interest in acting that the theater would be too rough on her.

A young Eva Green poses in an off-the-shoulder shirt

A natural blonde, Eva has dyed her hair brunette since she was 15

She spent a year at the American University in Paris, where all the courses are taught in English, so from an early age she understood the language. Although raised without any religion in the house, she developed an interest in Egyptology while in school. Her classmates probably didn’t remember her as anything but slightly precocious. She had an odd detached view of them.

“[When people would flirt] I felt as if they were playing at being couples, playing at being in love. I wanted the real thing. I was maybe a bit pretentious.”

Eva Green Looking Perky with a pony tail

A little more serious than her years, Green worked hard at acting

In 1994, at 14, she decided she wanted to be an actress. From 1997-2000, she studied at the St. Paul Drama School in Paris, then 10 more weeks at the Weber Douglas Academy of dramatic Art in London. She studied directing. She studied in New York. After spending time abroad, she returned to Paris an accomplished young actress. She appeared in several French plays.

“I always picked the really evil roles. It’s a great way to deal with your everyday emotions.”

Eva Green

Eva Green as a young adult wearing a white shirt and pants and reclining in a wicker chair

From an early age it was clear that Eva had a knack for the camera

Eva Green with free-flowing black hair

Even early on, Green was able to bring a sultry look to the audience

Eva Green looking hungry biting on a pen

Catching the eye of director Bernardo Bertolucci in Paris, he wanted her for a new project but recommended that she hone up on her English skills first. She studied hard for two months before she landed her first major acting role in “The Dreamers” Bertolucci later said that she was so beautiful it was “indecent.”

Eva Green lying on the bed

Eva Green lying on her side in a pink dress

Whether it was through genes or hard work, she definitely has it

Eva Green in a black leather jacket

Working as a model, Eva Green slowly started developing a certain look

The Dreamers in 2003 was her first big role, and she was able to take that success and develop more and more potential as a star. Just two years later she appeared in Kingdom of Heaven with Liam Neeson and Orlando Bloom. Directed by Ridley Scott, the film was an international hit, bringing her attention from far beyond France.

Eva Green topless in the movie The Dreamers

Not afraid of nudity, her great looks probably had a lot to do with her early success, but the real story was that she was able to parlay her early nudity in movies to even bigger roles

Her parents were concerned about her working in The Dreamers due to the experience other actresses had with the director, but Eva felt that she could trust him and said his guidance and mentoring helped her work the nudity and sex scenes. Still shy at heart, she was reportedly very embarrassed when her family saw the film.

Close-up of Eva Green in a purple dress looking simmering

A simmering Eva Green. No wonder she was described as so beautiful it was indecent

Eva Green in black, with black background, as Vesper Lynd

After doing very well initially, her role as Bond Girl Vesper Lynd cemented her place in Hollywood

Eva Green and I first crossed paths in her role as Vesper Lynd opposite Daniel Craig in Casino Royale. It was an epic reboot of a famous series, with a much more dark and complicated James Bond, and Eva Green was dynamite as Craig’s costar. I remember thinking that she had to be in the top few actresses in terms of both beauty and performance in the entire series.

Eva Green topless at the beach

Eva has a huge selection of pictures online, but candid shots are tough to find

This was a tough post to do because, even more so than the other celebrities I’ve done, there are freaking Eva Green pictures all over the internet. The woman has plenty of free press! An initial first stab at trying to gather together some interesting images clocked in at over 120 shots. I pared that down to the 22 you see on here, but it was a difficult choice.

Eva Green with a more mature look

One of the nice parts about having so many pictures of a star online is that you can watch them and their work mature

As she has matured and dialed in her PR strategy, you see more and more pictures that are carefully staged and managed. They sort of all run together after a while. As much as I like the gorgeous shots she can pull off, it’s the goofing off and somewhat informal pictures that gives her a more three-dimensional effect. In some ways, once you reach a certain level of beauty, you have to actively play against it lest it take over your life.

Eva Green sitting between two men holding something and making a funny face

Green is so beautiful and disciplined that seeing her act more spontaneously is a treat

Eva Green in a red hat, wearing red lipstick, puckering her lips in a funny face

Not sure if they served lemons that day or if she's working on her duck face

Eva doesn’t go clubbing and she says she still keeps her serious and hard-working attitude. In fact, she still takes acting lessons. One of her instructors is known to go to her performances and then send her critiques which she carefully reviews.

Eva Green in a red dress looking back over her left shoulder as if surprised


A playful Eva Green wearing a shirt which she's almost finished unbuttoning

Little too much mascara for my tastes, but I like the posed self-conscious look on her face

As becomes more rich and famous, she is becoming more of an art collector. She loves visiting museums, and she has a passion for composing and playing music. An attractive woman who creates music. Very nice combination.

A younger Eva in a sheer shirt with a kind of poodle haircut

A Younger Eva Green in a sheer shirt. I like the way the light plays through the shirt, making it almost a nude, but there's also something about the hair that balances the shot

Eva Green reclining full frontal nude

If you bare yourself and your soul like this in your first movie and then move on to become a successful actress? You've got serious acting chops.

For somebody who has modeled for many different agencies, she still considers herself a nerd.

“When people first meet me, they find me very cold. I keep myself at a distance, and I think that’s why I’m so drawn to acting. It allows me to wear a mask.”

Empire magazine voted Eva Green 6th sexiest actress of all time in 2007. The magazine also named her character Vesper Lynd as the 9th sexiest female character in cinema history. Time magazine has her in the top 20 sexiest people alive.

Eva Green portrait with necklace and black background

Nicely done

Eva Green closeup image

Whatever she's got, if you could bottle and sell it you'd be a billionaire

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