Beach Silhouette

by admin on 03/8/2012
A picture of the actress Adrianne Curry nude and in a beach silhouette setting

Adrianne Curry is probably best known for wearing such provocative costumes she got thrown out of a con, but her photographer manages to pull off a nice beach silhouette here

Good beach silhouettes are not so easy to put together

The trick is balancing the light just right without pushing the contrast so hard you make it into a cartoon. The infinity pool helps a lot here. If you were shooting against the sand, you’d have a lot of midtones to deal with.

Another nude beach silhouette of Adrian Curry, this time vertical from the back with her sitting on the ledge of an infinity pool

Another great nude beach silhouette of Adrianne Curry. Notice the contrast between the soft light of the clouds and the hard edges of the reflection of the sun against her body

Use the haze to your advantage The haze in this second shot is almost tangible. You can "feel" the Caribbean warmth.

A little background on Adrianne Curry
the model for this beach silhouette

Born in 1982, Curry was the first winner of the television show America’s Next Top Model. For a while she was married to actor Chris Knight, who played Peter Brady on the Brady Bunch. She’s done two covers and pictorials nude for Playboy.

If you have any nice beach silhouettes you’d like to share, send them on!

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