Danna Thomas

by admin on 03/15/2012

(Top two photographs are by Paige Stevens Photography)

A publicity photo of Danna Thomas, Miss Virginia Dogwood 2010

Danna Thomas has a natural talent for the Public Relations shot.

Finding the Danna Thomas Portrait

A year or two ago I was surfing the internet looking for pictures of pretty girls to use for stock shots on information domains. (Research shows consumers of digital content are happier and have a better experience with images of attractive but non-threatening females — this holds true for males and females alike.) As it turns out, finding a good, public-domain image of a cute girl is not an exactly easy thing to do — which is one of the reasons I started this site.

Along the way, I must have browsed several hundred images from beauty pageants. Ms. Thomas’s portrait stood out from the crowd, so I dowloaded it along with a few others. I believe she has made the pageant rounds, eventually winning the title of Miss Virginia Dogwood in 2010. Not sure of what other titles she may have won.

I never used the image, however, and now that I have this site it seems like a great place to put it to good use.

Another portrait of Danna Thomas

These kinds of shots are a dime-a-dozen on the net. Very difficult to stand out in the crowd.

Gathering a few more more images of Danna Thomas

Before I posted today I spent a few minutes locating some other Danna Thomas shots. I don’t think the others are as good, but tastes vary.

A picture from Thomas' UVA days showing her holding a saxophone

Here's more of a candid (though staged) shot from Thomas's time at UVA

Danna Thomas Today

As far as I know, Ms. Thomas has graduated college and is busy getting on with a “real” life. Best of luck to her for the future. I think she could have a career in public relations if she wanted it. Godspeed, Danna Thomas!

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  1. 05/3/2012Danna says:

    Hi, it’s Danna! Just saw this randomly and I wanted to say, “thank you!” Your comments were so kind, I’m very flattered! :)

  2. 05/3/2012Darrin says:

    Darrin here from Sydney, Australia. I have had the pleasure of meeting Danna and spending quite a lot of time with her on a recent overseas stay in Cambodia where Danna was incredibly selfless giving up a couple of monJths of her time to teach impoverished Cambodian children and young adults how to speak English in an orphanage. On the final day, the orphanage held a farewell party for Danna where she do beautifully played the trumpet to a live audience. There was not a dry eye in the house.

    I will always hold Danna on a pedestal.

    With Love


  3. 05/15/2013Diana says:

    I had the honor of serving as Danna’s executive director her first year competing in Maryland. She is currently completing her Master’s degree from John’s Hopkins. She is a 2011 Corp Member for Teach for America. She is the reigning Miss Baltimore but is best known to her kindergarten class as Miss Thomas.

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