The Siesta

by admin on 03/28/2012

Frederick Arthur Bridgman’s “The Siesta”

The Siesta, by Frederick Arthur Bridgman. A picture of a young lady reclining on a couch, covered in flowing robes, window open in the background, taking a midday nap

A simply magnificent painting of a young lady's siesta

Biography of the Artist

Born in the southern United States in 1847, Frederick Arthur Bridgman spent most of his professional career in Europe and nothern Africa, which he loved. During his many trips to Africa he gathered all sorts of trinkets: masks, staves, robes, and other accouterments. He used these in many of his paintings, and his Parisian studio was so full of the stuff that some joked that it was on a must-see list for tourists.

Although he was admired on the continent, he was loved back home, and his tours were a great success. He remains popular to this today. Recent paintings have sold in the 300-500K range.

Story of how The Siesta was made

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Other works by Bridgman (“The Siesta” painter)

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